cloud key Our goal is to provide unbeatable prices and the best service. How do you we succeed ? Here is our secret :
Our servers scale on demand. It means that if we get a load increase, our servers will clone themselves (it is only forbidden for human beings) ! During low load periods, we will use only a few servers.

Our pricing scheme is simple. You recharge your account with a number of requests. We do not have any expiration date on your requests or any long term agreement.

Free Trial Small Medium Large Unlimited
Number of allowed requests 100 3000 20000 36000
Price ($) / request 0 0.016 0.015 0.014 0
Price $0 $50 $300 $500 20% of your app revenues
+ $100 setup fee

For example if you buy the small package ($50), you will have a credit of 3000 requests on your account. There are no monthly commitment.
You can also contact us if you would like to set up automatic payments.
Students working on non profit school projects for demonstration purposes are eligible for an extended free trial until the completion of their projects.

Now that you know our rates, feel free to compare them with our competitors.